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Whiter teeth in 3 days with activated charcoal powder?

Activated carbon powder for white teeth

Beneva Black's high-quality, plant-based activated charcoal powder has a particularly large number of fine microparticles and helps you to remove discoloration gently and naturally:

✓ Whiter teeth in 3 days
✓ 95% customer satisfaction
✓ No abrasion of the tooth enamel
✓ Effect or money back

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How does activated charcoal powder help against yellow teeth?

Whiter teeth

Our activated charcoal powder absorbs tannins and stains and gives you whiter teeth in 3 days.


Our activated charcoal powder detoxifies your mouth and naturally strengthens the oral flora.

Fresh breath

The activated charcoal powder provides fresh breath and is therefore ideal against bad breath.

Money back guarantee

We guarantee you whiter teeth. If you don't see any effect, you get your money back!

How to use activated charcoal for teeth?

Using Beneva Black activated charcoal powder is super easy:

▪ Take your toothbrush and either apply your normal toothpaste beforehand or dip the toothbrush directly into the Black Powder.

▪ Then brush your teeth as usual for 2-3 minutes. Use it twice a day for the first few days.

▪ Rinse your mouth. You can also brush them again with your toothbrush. And after 3 days, you can enjoy your white teeth!


Success stories: Activated charcoal powder to combat yellow teeth

Beneva Black activated charcoal powder has been sold over 10,000 times and boasts tremendous customer satisfaction. 

It really whitens the teeth right away. I am very satisfied. I strongly recommend it. You don't need a lot, so this pack will last for a long time.

Isabel Fleischhammer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I've been using it for 2 weeks now and my teeth are a lot whiter. I don't know if it's related, but I have much less bleeding gums. The wooden toothbrush that comes with it is brilliant. The powder is everywhere if you're not careful. So close your mouth for the first few seconds or you'll have to change 3 times a day 😊

Artem ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Activated charcoal powder for white teeth - How it works!

The activated charcoal powder binds the toxins and tannins found in wine, tea, coffee or cigarettes. Another exciting factor is that activated charcoal detoxifies the gums, giving you a freshness effect in the mouth. Many customers say they have the feeling like after a dental hygiene.

Conventional whitening toothpastes or whitenings are much rougher than the Beneva activated charcoal powder and therefore not suitable for permanent use. The activated charcoal powder, on the other hand, is. Because the fine microparticles are super gentle.

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Zoom Black Powder - Beneva Black
Zoom Black Powder - Beneva Black
Zoom Black Powder - Beneva Black
Zoom Black Powder - Beneva Black
Zoom Black Powder - Beneva Black

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What does activated charcoal taste like?

Beneva Black has done everything to ensure that the Black Powder is completely tasteless. It has no taste at all. The mint edition powder, on the other hand, tastes of mint. Another plus is that the activated charcoal powder even neutralises unpleasant odours in the mouth.

Fun Fact: Activated charcoal is also used for exactly this purpose in the ventilation industry. Tip: If you add peppermint or apply the activated charcoal powder to your normal toothpaste, you will get an additional great taste.

How long should I brush my teeth with activated charcoal?

Do everything as usual! Brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes as normal. For an extra boost, leave the Black Powder in your mouth for a few minutes.

If the activated charcoal powder remains a little between your teeth and gums, rinse your mouth or brush with your normal toothpaste. This can occur and is no cause for concern.

How is activated charcoal produced?

The activated charcoal is carbonised without oxygen supply & then activated with 1000° hot steam. This is how the detoxifying effect is created and carbon becomes activated carbon.

This is also where the different grades are decided, i.e. whether the activated charcoal is used for cosmeceuticals or for detoxification. Finally, the activated charcoal is being pulverised and packaged into your Beneva Black Powder. 

Where does activated charcoal come from?

Activated charcoal is obtained from raw materials of plant origin, such as coconut shells, bamboo or olive kernels. There are different grades of activated charcoal powder.

The different grades are also used accordingly for other purposes. In Beneva Black Powder we used medicinal activated charcoal.

How often should I brush my teeth with activated charcoal?

You can use it every day. You can also talk to your dentist about it. We recommend you to do an intensive treatment during the first 3-5 days, i.e. to use the activated charcoal powder 2 times a day.

Many customers use it about 3x per week after the intensive treatment. It will last you about 2-3 months.

Do I need a special toothbrush?

You can use any toothbrushes, even your electric toothbrush.  But you can also use the stylish Beneva Black toothbrush. With its small brush head, you can reach even the back molars perfectly.


What are the ingredients?

100% plant based activated carbon E153.

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