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Brittle Beard

Beard care has never been so easy. Because our beard care tips ensure that your beard looks well-groomed and feels silky soft.


Tip No. 1: Be patient.

When you start growing your beard, resist the urge to trim or style it for the first 4-6 weeks. This allows the hair to grow evenly (some grow faster than others). In the end, you can decide on a beard style that suits the length and density of your beard.

Tip No. 2: Regular washing

This is especially important in the early stages of growth. It's not just about the hair, but also the skin underneath. Therefore, washing is the most important step in beard care. Wash your beard several times a week with a gentle baby shampoo or beard cleanser, then gently pat dry. But beware: overzealous drying can lead to frizz and split ends.

Tip No. 3: Use a good beard oil

Our Beneva Black beard oil nourishes with vitamins and valuable avocado and jojoba oil. It also smells fresh and subtle and makes the beard hair shiny and smooth. So you leave your beard looking healthy and well-groomed with just a few drops.

Tip No. 4: Daily combing

Regular trimming keeps your beard in the desired shape, but daily combing or brushing is also important to get unruly hair under control. A beard brush with natural bristles works particularly well.

Tip No. 5: Nutrients from the inside

Your beard is made up of protein and fat, but it also relies heavily on vitamins B5, B3 and B9. In addition to healthy eating, a dietary supplement can help your beard achieve a healthy sheen.

Tip #6: Beard serum for thicker beard hair

Our Beneva Black beard serum with vitamin E and biotin provides optimal care and moisture for the skin under your beard hair. The active ingredient "Dual Action Hair Booster" nourishes and strengthens the hair roots, helping to close beard gaps.

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How long does the beard oil last?

After opening, the beard oil should be used within 6 months. You should store it as cool as possible and keep the bottle out of the sun. Beard oils are best dispensed with a pipette, which is most hygienic and prevents contamination of the product.

How often should I use the beard oil?

You can use the beard oil once or twice a day after cleansing. A few drops are enough, otherwise your beard will quickly look greasy and unkempt. It is best to apply the oil to the skin and beard hair with massaging movements./p>

Which oil is the best for my beard?

Vegetable oils such as avocado oil and argan oil not only care for the beard hair, but also the skin underneath. This prevents dandruff and leaves the beard looking well-groomed. Other valuable oils for skin and hair in general are: Jojoba oil and vitamin E oil.

What is the difference between a beard serum and a beard oil?

A beard serum contains active ingredients that stimulate hair growth and reduce beard hair loss. A beard oil has more nourishing properties for the beard hair and the skin underneath. A beard serum has a lighter texture than a rich beard oil. A beard serum can be used in combination with a dermaroller, a beard oil cannot.

My beard itches, what can I do?

Cleansing twice a week with a mild baby shampoo is sufficient. Do not shampoo the beard more often, especially if the skin underneath is sensitive. Do not scratch with your fingernails, this can lead to inflammation. It is best to massage a nourishing beard oil into your beard every day and make sure that it does not contain any aggressive fragrances. Please also do not apply perfume to the beard!

I have dandruff in my beard! How can that be?

If dandruff is becoming noticeable in the beard, then the skin under the beard hair needs an extra portion of care. Dry heating air, too much sun or aggressive care products can dry out and stress the skin. In this case, rinse the beard for a few days with lukewarm water only and massage a nourishing beard oil into it twice a day.

Do I need a beard shampoo?

Beard shampoos are not a must. A mild baby shampoo can also be used. You should make sure to use a moisturising product that does not remove oils from the skin and does not negatively affect the skin's protective barrier. A shampoo should be used for the beard area only a maximum of twice a week.

What can damage my beard?

Poor environmental influences can have a negative effect on the appearance of the beard: dry heating air, too much sun, chlorine or salt water do not only remove moisture from the beard hairs, but can also put a lot of stress on the skin underneath. It is therefore important to protect the beard area, while on holiday with sun cream and generally with a natural beard oil.

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