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5 reasons why false eyelashes are fantastic

There are now millions of mascaras on the market. Some even promise a false eyelash effect or telescopic length. Unfortunately, mascaras often dry out your eyelashes, which can cause them to break off.

False eyelashes provide a flash lash effect. You can opt for glue-on "falsies" or visit a lash studio where a lash stylist will apply the lashes permanently. Whichever way you choose, false eyelashes are incredible and will give you an irresistible look.

Here are the reasons why false eyelashes are fantastic:

Draw attention with false eyelashes

You can draw attention to your eyes with the least amount of effort. Long eyelashes are a sign of youthful femininity and give your eyes that certain something. They look bigger and attract all the attention.

"Wakey-Wakey" effect thanks to artificial eyelashes

False eyelashes awaken your eyes. No matter how much overtime you've been working, with false eyelashes you'll still look " ready to go". You can enhance the effect by using some white eyeliner or a brighter eyeliner along the lower waterline.

Simple application

Once you've chosen good quality false eyelashes, application is quite easy. The Beneva Black lash box Deluxe offers 3 different lash styles (Natural, Glam and Diva) and two deluxe liners that attach the lashes where they belong: close to the upper lash line, completely without magnets and glue! The lash box also includes a tool set with an applicator, which further simplifies the application of the silk lashes.

Less is more

When wearing false eyelashes, you generally need a little less of your overall makeup. The lashes look elegant and feminine, a little blush and a delicate lip gloss are often enough to round off the make-up of the day.

Cheaper than Lash Extensions

False eyelashes that you can apply yourself at home are much cheaper and less time-consuming than regular visits to the lash studio. If you treat the lashes well, you can reuse them up to 25 times.

Add Glamour with false eyelashes

If you're looking for an easy way to feel glamorous, false eyelashes are just the thing. Depending on the style you choose, you can achieve different effects: full diva volume, playful designs with different lengths, or cat eyes where the lashes are longer towards the end are all possible. The different designs will change the entire shape of your eye and give you exactly the look you like.

A set of false eyelashes is the best way to add drama and glamour to any makeup look. Because we care about animal welfare, we don't recommend "mink lashes" (lashes made from real mink hair). There are really great silk lashes on the market that are just as soft and comfortable to wear.

Here are a few simple tips to make your false eyelashes last longer

1. Remove false eyelashes in the evening.

While you sleep, your false eyelashes can easily get tangled, bent or torn off as you toss and turn in bed. Always make sure to remove your false eyelashes at the end of the day and store them in their original packaging.

2. Use the right remover

Always use a makeup remover to gently remove the eyelash glue, please never just rip it off with your fingers! This may be faster, but it puts stress on the natural lashes and can even tear them out.

Choose a nourishing remover to avoid damaging the lash line. Never use tweezers to remove the lashes, but carefully use cotton pads and your fingertips so as not to squeeze or damage the lash hairs.

3. Buy only high quality false eyelashes.

It may be tempting to buy a pair of lashes for 2 francs or euros, but cheap lashes wear out quickly. Instead, invest in a quality set from a reputable brand like Velour Lashes or Flutter Lashes. Not only will they look more realistic, but you can also be sure that your lashes will last through multiple applications.

4. Avoid mascara.

Beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus may advise you to apply mascara to your false lashes so that they supposedly blend with your real lashes. However, this step isn't really necessary if you have a high-quality pair of authentic-looking lashes. "Falsies" are already long enough and dark enough that they don't need mascara. Mascara will affect the longevity of the lashes and make them harder to clean.

Tip: If you absolutely must apply mascara to your false lashes, please do not use waterproof. This dries out even more and it is far more difficult to remove.

5. Cleaning your false eyelashes

It is important to clean your false eyelashes after each use. This will remove debris from liner, glue or eyeshadow that could cause false lashes to clump. Gently soak the lashes in lukewarm water and clean them with eye makeup remover and a cotton swab. Then rinse the lashes thoroughly and comb them gently with an eyelash comb. Let them air dry and then store them back in their original packaging.

It may seem like a lot of work to take care of your false eyelashes as best you can, but it's worth the effort to keep them looking like new.

Beneva Black carries high-quality Deluxe Silk Lashes that are easily applied with the Deluxe Liners without magnets or glue. The Deluxe Liners are available in transparent for a natural look, and in black for the popular dark eyeliner.


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