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First impressions are generally very important, but what do women actually look for in men at first? What makes a man appealing and attractive in the eyes of women?


This is not just about general features of attractiveness such as beautiful eyes and a great smile, but also whether one takes his facial skin care seriously: does your skin look clean? Is your facial hair kept in check? Are eyebrow, nose and ear hairs trimmed? All this shows women how well you treat yourself and that your appearance is not unimportant to you. In the meantime, there are numerous products that are designed for mens' skin and allow for a simple, yet effective application. A mild cleansing gel and a rich moisturizer are a good start.


Your smile is important because it can instantly make a woman feel welcome and at ease. In addition, it's another good insight into how clean and good your teeth look, which often says a lot about your lifestyle.

A smile is a surprisingly primal thing. In apes, a smile means one thing: "I'm not a threat." Although we are much more evolved than your average chimpanzee, this can still be transferred. When it comes to women, a smile means you're fun, relaxed - and attractive.

When you smile, it's important to show that it's a genuine smile: smile big, smile with your whole face. A true smile should show your teeth, lift your cheeks and bring out little wrinkles around your eyes.

Speaking of teeth, make sure you maintain good oral hygiene, the last thing you want when talking to an attractive woman is bad breath! Daily flossing is also extremely important to keep your oral flora healthy and fragrant.


When it comes to things women notice about men, body size is important.

It is a common stereotype that women prefer taller men.

A 2013 study from the University of Turku in Finland revealed that out of 12,500 couples surveyed, the man was taller than the woman 92.5% of the time, with an average height difference of 12.5cm.

Here's another important point: a confident open posture with straight shoulders and back also makes a huge difference.

Also, make sure your clothes fit well. "Baggy" makes you look wider and therefore shorter. Monochrome looks guide the gaze up and down and make you appear taller.


The way you cut and style your hair also immediately catches women's eyes: is your hair clean, is it free of dandruff and grease? Is the hairstyle styled with the right products and kept out of your face in style? There are numerous products specifically for men's hair: from gel to putty, from paste to clay... the product ranges are getting wider and wider.

A full head of hair is preferred by most women. Hairline and thinning areas are rather unpopular. In these cases, the use of a hair growth tonic is recommended, which nourishes and strengthens your hair roots. Further hair loss is thus kept at bay.


Well-groomed hands with trimmed, clean fingernails are also quite high on the list. Rough, cracked, warty or very hairy hands and fingers immediately catch the eye of women and are a "no go"! You don't have to go to a nail salon right away, but you should definitely make sure that your nails aren't dirty and that you apply hand cream at least once a day.


When it comes to shoes, it is important that they are appropriate for the occasion. They should be clean and not on their last legs. Wear appropriate socks and make sure you choose the right size, as this will also affect your stride.


For women, the overall smell of a man matters: body odor, choice of perfume/aftershave and of course his breath.

Your smell is an indication of how much you care about yourself and also about others. It is extremely rude to stink and bother other people with your body odor or even excessive use of cheap perfume. Personal hygiene is important and a fresh shower gel and deodorant should be the bare minimum on the bathroom shelf.

Use a safe but moderate amount of two or three spritzes of your perfume or aftershave. This should be more than enough. You can never go wrong with a fresh, masculine scent.


Whether women are already interacting with you or watching you from afar, how you interact with others and how you present yourself all stand out immediately. Do you express yourself eloquently? How do you act: funny, serious, shy, friendly, well-mannered, rude, etc.? Women often look past physical attributes (which men sometimes have a hard time understanding because they are more visual creatures). Women often want to capture the core of a man. A spoiled, unlikable personality cannot be compensated for even with great looks.


Regardless of which style you choose, your clothing is a good indicator of the type of man you are. Your clothes should fit well and subtly accentuate your physical attributes. Super tight muscle shirts are often unnecessary, women can tell a good physique without spandex. Make sure your shirts, sweaters and pants fit well and that your garments are not dirty. If you're not sure what colors suit you best, there are plenty of tutorials online that you can watch for free. Otherwise, most men are on the safe side with dark blue, white, gray and black.

Beneva Black has a great range of products specially designed for men's skin and hair!


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