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Zoom Hangover Maske (3 Stück) - Beneva Black
Zoom Hangover Maske (3 Stück) - Beneva Black
Zoom Hangover Maske (3 Stück) - Beneva Black
Zoom Hangover Maske (3 Stück) - Beneva Black
Zoom Hangover Maske (3 Stück) - Beneva Black

Hangover mask (3 pieces)

CHF 25.00
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Vollständige Kontrolle über dein Abo

Überspringe, verschiebe, bearbeite und storniere, wann immer du willst.

Sheet mask, providing an intense moisture boost for stressed skin.

You're enjoying dinner with friends, drinking some beers and wine. The evening goes well, so the bottle of whiskey hits the table and one drink leads to another.... The next morning, you have a meeting and don't want anyone to know about last night's shenenigans. So you put on the mask and rock the meeting! This product is in line with the Qaveman philosophy: A product that meets the needs of men, made from natural ingredients and with the guarantee of Swiss quality.

  • Swiss product
  • nourishing and refreshing
  • easy to use
  • with high quality ingredients

Apply to cleansed face and relax for 15min.

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Hangover mask (3 pieces)

CHF 25.00

Easy application thanks to the cloth design

Effective in 15 minutes

Ideal for men's skin

Swiss product


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Apply to cleansed face and relax for 15min.

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